7 Quick Ways to Deal with Stress

7 Quick Ways to Deal with Stress

“You’re like one of the least stressful people I know, so when you’re stressed you know something is wrong.”

My friend told me this after I recounted how stressed I was the week before. When I’m hanging out with people, I give off an energetic vibe, but underneath all that lives a worrywart. Throughout our lives, we all go through periods where the stress seems unbearable. No matter what we do, it follows us.

There are long-term solutions to helping us destress such as giving up perfectionism. I love those long-term solutions, but other times we need some quick tricks to help us survive the day.

One of the best solutions I’ve found is having quick ways to deal with the stress. This allows me to clear my head and come up with a plan that works. These are some of my best ways to de-stress:

1. Hit something

With stress, comes frustration and trying to look calm. Forget that. Find a private place or go to a gym and give an object a karate chop. You’ll feel a lot better and freer.


2. Eat a healthy meal

I love the Snicker campaign, “You’re not you when you’re hungry!” It’s so true! When I’m stressed, I don’t eat meals. It’s just junk food or big cups of tea. When I eat a ton of junk food and tea will upset my stomach and make me feel worse. Eating a healthy meal can improve your mood and make a stressful situation feel less stressful.


3. Take a shower/bath

A perfect way to unwind is hopping in the shower/bath. It helps release the tension you’ve been carrying throughout the day.


4. Do something unproductive

We all need a break! Being unproductive might sound counterintuitive, but it pays off in the long run. It gives you a chance to recharge and gain back your concentration.


5. Either get isolated or social

Sometimes, all you need is some alone time to clear your mind. If you’re like me, depending on what’s stressing me, I either need some alone time to sort through my thoughts or need to hang out with people to forget what’s stressing me.


6. Spend a few minutes getting in touch with your creative side

Create something. Anything. It will give you something fun to focus on.


7. Drop some of your tasks

Do you have to complete everything list? Probably not. Reevaluate all the tasks you have to do today. Cross out what’s not important, reschedule the important but not urgent tasks.


Final Thoughts

Having a fast way to unwind is essential. Just keep trying until you find what sticks!


What do you do to de-stress fast?


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