Follow This System to Become More Productive

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Being productive is in! Who doesn’t want to get more work done in fewer hours? If you’re like me, staying constant is the hardest part. In the beginning, you have the motivation to get past roadblocks. After a while, it’s easier to feel less inspired by your goal and eventually give up on it. This is why the process can be the most important part of making you successful. Productivity apps with some gamification are one of the best ways to stay on track.

First, it helps to break down your goal. Although I tend not to do as often as I should, turning your current goals to SMART goals is the best decision to make. For those who don’t know about SMART goals, they are goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. Once you make your SMART goals, think about what steps you need to do each day or weekly to achieve them. These steps can now become the tasks you do to get that goal completed in time.

Next, find out how to stay motivated, so you can stay consistent. I find writing it down makes it feel more real. You can also create a vision board or putting up post-it notes around your house about your goal. Another hopeful thing to do is find a productivity app to help you keep track of your goals. I find apps that have more a game vibe work great for me. For you, it might be a different type of app that does the trick. Whatever you decide to do, use self-awareness to help guide you. For example, if you’re not following your goals even though you created your vision board, maybe it’s time to try using a productivity app or changing your goals entirely.

When you have a hard time following through, it might be time to consider your environment. For instance, it’s easier to go to the gym when it becomes a weekly ritual with your friends. Apply the same logic to your goals. You can find people who are also interested in a similar goal and do certain tasks together. One example of this would be if you and a friend wanted to learn Spanish. You could practice talking some Spanish to each other. This method also works virtually as well. You could decide to use a website like Italki to learn or find YouTube channels all about learning Spanish.


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