3 Weird Ways to Make More Money in College

Some money in college can go a long way. Even though you might want some cash, you might not want the traditional jobs on and off campus. Lucky for you, there are a ton of options. I’m just going over 3 of them.


Paid Studies

I’ve always heard that a paid study is a great way to get paid. I totally agree. I found this opportunity by checking the weekly emails I would get from my school. Inside of each weekly email, there are links to different opportunities happening on campus. After having great luck finding two of my clubs, I paid even more attention to the weekly emails.

Last summer, I spotted a link about getting paid to do a study. I clicked on it and hoped that I would qualify. Surprisingly, I did! I emailed the woman running the study, and we set-up an appointment.

When I went in for the study, I had to take a hearing test (the study relied on someone being able to hear well) and wear an EEG headset to monitor my brainwave. Then, the real study began. I had to listen to two different sounds and determine if they were the same sound or not. I had to do it again before I got paid. Overall, it was fun, and I was $30 richer.

Not all university’s offer the same opportunity, so you have to be on the lookout. From there, you should find out where you should be searching to find more paid studies opportunities. Some great places to check our weekly emails sent from your school, finding professors that have students that conduct studies and reaching out to them.


Getting Paid by a Club

Maybe, you really want to join a club, but you really need money as well. The bright side is that there is a really good chance that you have organizations at your school that will pay you. Right off the back, student government tends to pay elected officials. This isn’t always the case, but it never hurts to find out.

Even if your school government does pay officials money, government might not be your thing. Not all hope is lost! There might be other organizations that provide a stipend to students. One of my friends got a stipend as the co-president of the UNLV chapter of Take Back the Tap. Not only was it a cause she cared about, but she was also getting some money for doing it!

If there is a certain cause you care about, find clubs at your school that also care about that case. Next, see if any of them are a part of a larger national organization. Most of the time, clubs affiliated with a national organization have more money to give toward scholarships and stipends. Plus, you can look up those national organizations and find out if they provide money to students if those students become officials for their local chapter.

If that fails, just ask around. See if any of your friends are getting stipends from there clubs or know someone who is.


Being a Residential Advisor

On this list, I think being a Residential Advisor can easily pay the most. Sometimes, you get paid with money straight to your account, but some universities just deduct it from your tuition. My sister was an RA for 1 year, and she glad about not having more student loans.

Although being an RA has a ton of pros and cons, it’s great if you love to help people and have enough time to invest in it. Different universities have different paths to become an RA. In my sister’s case, she had to do an interview and go through a couple weeks of training. Afterward, a committee picked who would become RAs, and she got chosen.

If you want to become an RA, I recommend going to someone knowledgeable on your campus and asking about the process. It’s a really good idea to ask past and current RAs about the process. If you don’t know any or too shy, RA tends to be in a department at your university. You should check your university’s website and see what the department RAs fall under. Then reach out to people in that department until you find out more about the RA process.



Having a little extra change in your pocket is great. Anyone of these options is great. The paid study approach works best when your just looking for a little extra money. In contrast, looking for a club that pays or becoming an RA works best when you went something more stable and ready for the time commitment.


How do you earn money in college?

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