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What’s this Blog About?

I don’t know about you, but college and life feel like it’s pulling me in a ton of directions. The transition to college student to the “real world” is confusing. There is so much to learn, and you still want your college experience to be fun without neglecting the future. The worst part is all the useful information we gather that we don’t share. I wanted to share all the tips and tricks I have gained over the years. In addition, I come across so much great stuff that begging to be shared, so this is the place for that.

Another challenge to the whole enjoy college but get ready to be smacked by the “real world” was getting wonderful tips and advice but not implementing it. This blog not only serves as motivation but gives clear actions to make changes in your life!

Who is Amber?

I’m Amber! At the age of 15, I got accepted into a dual-enrollment program at my local community college. Going from a high school environment to a college one at 15 was an eye-opener. Half of my classes were high school ones while the others were college classes of my choosing. Thanks to the program, I was able to graduate high school with 36 college credits.

Like most college students in the US, I’m trying to navigate through my college classes while finding out what I need to know to make my post-academic life great (we’ll see how that goes). You get a front row seat of my experiences trying to find my way around college life, personal finance, and marketing.


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