Top Way to Make This Semester Better Than the Last

How to make this semester better than the last

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It’s often said that starting is the hardest.

I wish that were true!

The hardest part has to be consistency. It’s sort of like that fitness resolution that people set as a New Year’s Resolution. You have all this energy and motivation when you first start. Slowly, the motivation dimmers. You discover reasonable excuses. Procrastination becomes a way of life, and you find yourself less motivated. Boom! It’s another new year already. You feel motivated again, so you start again. The main issue isn’t solved so the cycle continues forever.

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In his/her mind:
“This is the year! I’m getting to get in shape like never before!”

The reality:
“I went to the gym at least once this week, and January just started. I’ll make sure I go another time when I’m less busy.”

Don’t get me wrong; starting is difficult. Sometimes, mental barriers prevent someone from working on his/her goal like extreme self-doubt or analysis paralysis. The biggest problem is those mental barriers or physical barriers don’t go away because the task was started. It probably means that the work has just begun. The mental barriers that stopped you before may morph into something else or you find that you’re still fighting them as you try to reach the goal. That’s why it’s important to find a way to keep going and work toward what you want.

For me, I need some type of schedule or else I’ll spend all day watching t.v. shows on Netflix (Have you watched Glitch yet? If you haven’t, stop reading this, and watch it!). Whether you set some ambitious plans for the new year or want to maintain what you have, keeping up with good habits is what will bring you forward.

So What Now?

Pick what you want to work on

This part is the most fun and frustrating. It’s fun fantasizing getting straight A’s, becoming friends with a bunch of interesting people, and landing a paid internship while having a lot of free time.

Sadly, it’s all a dream, and you will have to wake up. So, you must prioritize. If you are having a hard time narrowing down your goals, read this.

Come up with a strategy

I’m a big fan of the informal schedule and being mindful of your routines. Basically, I tend to have a goal I want to achieve. Then, I make sure that I do at least one thing that will help me achieve it.

Of course, if I only stuck to an informal schedule, I wouldn’t be making a lot of progress because I would be dividing my time between all my goals without having any objectives. That is why I’m mindful of my routine Imagine your goal is to ace all of your classes. If you created pockets of time throughout your weekly schedule where you did homework, studied class material, and buffer time (in case you need to tutoring or if the class is time-consuming), you will do better than if you just say you want to have a 4.0 semester. Furthermore, you don’t have to rely on motivation because you will turn it into a habit that you do no matter what.

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Trial by Fire

Now, it’s time to get started. You came up with a strategy (doesn’t matter if it’s simple or complex), so you got to test it. After you implemented it for a while, you know if the strategies working or not. From there, keep making changes until you get it right!


Let's make this semester the one of the greatest by setting a semester goal for college! The semester goal: Consistency!Let's make this semester the one of the greatest by setting a semester goal for college! The semester goal: Consistency!

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