4 Irresistible Benefits of Joining a Club

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At the beginning of 2016, driving to class felt harder and harder each day. I didn’t know why I was feeling stressed every time I thought of heading back to school after dropping my siblings back home. But, it didn’t matter what I thought because the stress wasn’t going to fade away.

I had to do something about this and change my life.

“Join the Sustainability Council”

Surrounded with all the other links in my college’s weekly email, I found a link about reviving the Sustainability Council. Since the Sustainability Council was in the beginning stages, I decided to schedule a meeting with the person heading up the Sustainability Council, so I would learn if it was the right fit for me. Long story short, I didn’t make the meeting.

I realized I could wait around and try to schedule another meeting or just go for it. There were a couple of other clubs I was interested in, but I never went for it. I could have the information in the world about the Sustainability Council and still be too nervous to join I thought. So, I joined.

Why join a club?

1. Awesome people and great environment

One of the best ways to meet new people who share a common interest with you is by joining a club! If you go to a commuter school, then becoming a part of a club is more crucial to finding your group of people and a supportive environment. At most commuter schools, students are just going from point a to point b, so it’s hard to get to know other students. Also, if you lean toward the shy side like me, talking to others about a topic that you’re passionate helps establish friendships quickly.

2. Feel more connected to your school

Bond with your college. My college experience got way better when I noticed the positive things about my college. Once you start discovering cool resources, creating your own hidden spot, and knowing what your college has accomplished, it’s easier to enjoy being at college.

When I started joining clubs, these resources, hidden spots, and accomplishments were right front of me. The more a specific resource relates to your club you’ll actually use it! Thanks to all my clubs, I’m aware of message chairs and hydrogen stations (works so much better than a water fountain to fill up your water bottle). Also, I went to some fun events like Love Your Body day that I would have never done otherwise.

3. Career Development

I decided to join E-board for one of my clubs, and it has helped me improve some of my technical and soft skills. I feel comfortable with Mailchimp, Hootsuite, and Buffer. Plus, I’m learning how to turn my ideas into reality. The best part is a club doesn’t have to focus on careers to do this. Both the clubs I’m in aren’t directly related to my major, but I go for opportunities to increase my skills.

My favorite tip is getting a leadership position if your main focus is career development. There is so much that go on behind the scenes. Plus, you can leave a bigger impact on your club.

4. Live a more fulfilling life

All the clubs I’m in are out to make an impact and leave a legacy. One focuses on environmental, social, and economic sustainability while the other deals informing others about physical and mental health. Thanks to these clubs, I have gained more confidence in helping others and collaborating. In addition, I’m working with other dedicated students to make changes to my college that will be there years down the line.

If you have a topic you care about, this is the time to find others who are also dedicated. With the policial climate, I appreciate my club members keeping me up to date and giving me a fresh perspective on the issues. Not to mention, if you want to change policies and laws related to your club’s interest, these are the people you can turn to that will support you.

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One great college tip is to join a club during college. Still not convinced? Here are 4 reasons to join a club while in college! One great college tip is to join a club during college. Still not convinced? Here are 4 reasons to join a club while in college!

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