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“This is my semester. You can come at me with your worst, and I will be perfectly fine. For I will conquer all that is in my way!”

That’s what I say to myself every semester. Somehow I believe that I will defeat procrastination, road rage, and all the ambitious goals I have by the end of the semester. The worst part is I rarely ever try a different methods or techniques. Instead, I say that I’ll become “a planner person” or “this is going to work because “reasons.”

Well, this semester I have been “defeating” some of my past foes! How have I done it? I finally stopped doing the same things I’ve done every semester and did this instead:

  1. I set-up activities and tasks that make me progress automatically.

    I joined a club last semester that will help me make new friends and create a more sustainable campus. On top of that, I decided to get off my lazy butt and start a blog. The fun part about starting a blog is I’m improving my writing, building a community that I can help, and I get to learn about marketing on my own terms.


  1. I decided to listen to podcasts when commuting by myself.

    Although I haven’t started doing this yet, I know that this will help cut down on my delayed road rage I experienced last semester. Having delayed road rage made it harder for me to think about school without my hair turning to flames. One of the biggest reasons I had it was that listening to the same music repeatedly drove me nuts, so once I get tired of hearing the same songs, I will switch over to podcasts!


  1. I finally acknowledged that I need to plan better.

    Last semester, my version of planning better involved writing down important test dates and never look at those dates ever again. Yeah, I sucked at planning. I’m in the process of creating a homework/study schedule that will make me study and complete my homework in smaller but frequent chunks.


  1. I attempted to have the best semester multiple times.

    Some the most important things that will keep on track such as joining a club and improving my poor time management skills, are helping me a lot this semester. Thanks to my previous attempts, I didn’t have to start from scratch. Instead, all I have to do is build on and maintain my foundation.

Want to have a better college semester? Here are four ways that made my college semester the best yet. Self improvement plan + action steps = best college semester!

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Want to have a better college semester? Here are four ways that made my college semester the best yet. Self-improvement plan + action steps = best college semester!

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