5 Posts to Prevail Against the Mid-Semester Slump

5 posts to prevail against the mid-semester slump

I associate Spring with cleaning all the physical and mental junk so that you’re mind can tackle more important things. Spring is also the time for new beginnings and a time to reset your thinking. These 5 articles should help with cleaning out the mental junk holding you back.

1. Burnout

different types of stress and ways to deal with burnout

This is one of my favorite articles about burnout. Camille writes about the different forms of stress and processes to eliminate burnout from your life. She also writes about being more resilient to stress. If you feel close to burning out, you should read this!


2. Take Control of Your Life by Reframing

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Before this article, I was feeling stressed and angry. I felt that another unproductive weekend had passed, and I had all this stuff I had to do between the blog, my clubs, family responsibilities, and college. Once I read this article, I felt so much better. The article went over a reframing technique that has helped me feel more motivated and cut down on my stress.


3. The Only Reason Why You Still Have Not Achieved Your Goals

Screenshot, article about why you haven't achieved your goals

We all need that kick in the butt. The year is already in its 4th month, and I know I’m not the only one with abandon goals. In the beginning of the year, you have the excitement of a new goal to keep you going, but the excitement and motivation fade quickly. When that happens, it’s time to reevaluate your goals and think about why you haven’t achieved them.


4. 3 Unexpected Insights for Overcoming Procrastination From Tim Ferriss

screenshot, advice from Tim Ferriss, overcoming procrastination

Can you tell that I have fallen in love with Arina Nikitina’s blog yet? Anyway, there is this joke I tell everyone I meet. It goes like this:

quote, funny quote, procrastination in college,

I’m a procrastinator, and I’m not ashamed. That being said, I still went to conquer my goals and feel accomplished. This article does the trick.


5. Finish the Semester Strong  

screenshot, college,

The mid to late semester slump happens to most of us mortals. Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones that can stay focused for the whole semester. If that’s you, I have a lot of respect. I’m a zombie by the end of the semester. I loved reading this article because it reminded me to keep up all the good work I’ve been doing. Zombie season is upon us, and this article is the antidote!


quote, inspirational quote, motivational quote, positive quote, mindset

This is not a post, but I couldn’t resist putting a quote!

college tips, mid-semester slump, college tricks, semester slump, inspirational

Are you going through a slump? What helps you get out of it?


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