5 Ways to Study in a Short Amount of Time

5 ways to study in a short amount of time

We all have heard that you should study a few weeks before your final exams, so you won’t be stressed out. How many of us follow this advice? Sometimes, I do, but for other classes, I keep procrastinating when it comes to studying.

Papers are scattered everywhere. That online class that should have been an easy A turned into a reading nightmare. Even classes that were enjoyable are no match for the studying blues.

Have you’ve been in that situation? Well, if you’re reading this then you’re probably freaking out about your exams. You’ve read all the tips and still nothing. These are the simple steps I take to get a good amount of studying done when I would rather be watching Netflix.

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Do the math

Calculate your grades (nothing brings me back to reality faster than checking my grades). Whether you just need to land that C to keep your scholarship or you want to get that 4.0 GPA, calculating your grade will help.

Not only will it motivate you, but now you have a goal to reach for! Some classes have an easy to understand grading structure while others are more complex. You could use an excel/Google sheet, but using a grade calculator website would be simpler.


Record that

Would you like to get some studying done without too much effort? Record some of the notes and listen to it when you are going through your daily routine. For me, I drive a lot, so taking some of that time to listen to some of my recorded notes doesn’t take much effort. Plus, this gives you enough time to forget and relearn everything. Normally, I’ll just record the most important material that will be on the test.

If you never tried this, I recommend starting small. A would start with a small section of the material you really need to go over. From there, practice what you’ll say without recording a few times. Now, you’ll have great notes that you can listen to on your commute.

Also, it never hurts to add a little magic to your recording. Sometimes, I pretend that I’m a mad scientist or on a game show as I record my notes.


Quiz yourself

Have your notes ready? Make that into a simple quiz, so you can test your knowledge. This adds some variety to your usual study routine. By quiz, I don’t mean folding the paper in half with questions on one side and the answers on the other. Some of the best ways are creating a Quizlet or a Kahoot. I’m a Quizlet gal, but if I was studying with others, I would create a fun Kahoot to play with the rest of the study group.

When using Quizlet, you should try the “learn” feature. It’ll test your knowledge on questions you get wrong until you get them right. For Kahoot, you should have everyone in your study group create the questions and answers.

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Unleash your inner YouTuber

When you teach someone else the material you have learned, you’ll remember it better. Let’s be honest! Sometimes, we don’t have someone we can explain our classwork to, especially when a majority of the people you know also have exams as well.

This is where letting your inner YouTuber comes in handy, and you don’t have to worry about recording yourself! All you have to do is pretend you have a YouTube channel about the topic your studying.


Have your carrots and sticks ready

Knowing that you’ll get a treat if you study is motivating. For me, I like to reward myself by watching one episode of a show in-between my study breaks. I like it because I want to study, so I can watch the next episode. Also, each episode has a set time, so I don’t have to use as much self-control to stop. You might need to treat yourself to a snack instead. It’s all about finding the right reward for you.

Similarly, punishing yourself if you don’t study works really well. It’s important not to go overboard, but it needs to be something that is more undesirable than studying. In my case, paying my siblings if I don’t study or not being able to buy something I really want works ok for me. Again, it works best when you can find a something that is effective but not too harsh.

Which is your favorite tip?

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