4 Things that Make Working from Home Easier

A home office with a Mac, chair, plant, and desk

For some, working at home comes easily. It seems as if others we’re made for it, but what do you do when it doesn’t come easy to you? I find that having the right equipment and getting in the correct mindset can make all the difference. Here are items that will make working at home better:

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1. Dual Monitor

If you work in an office, you’ll typically be using a computer. For most people, they tend to either use a computer with a large monitor or have more than one. When you go from that set-up to just only one monitor that is either normal or small, your productivity can take a major hit. That’s why you should look into getting more than one monitor.

So, you finally went out and got another monitor – now what? You have to decide which way you want to connect them. Some programs let you connect them remotely, but the set-up might take more time than just plugging in some wires. Even so, it might make the most sense in your situation.

2. Healthy Snacks

Snackers unite! Getting a nice snack in between meetings could be a great idea! You mustn’t eat too unhealthy though, or you might regret it. I love eating some fruits, KIND bars, and yogurt for this reason! Once you find a snack you like, keep it around.

Similarly, smoothies or fun drinks can work too. I find I’m more productive with a cup of tea or hot cocoa by my side. For you, it might be a smoothie or coffee.

3. Ergonomic Office Equipment

Let’s face it! If you are going to sit in one spot for the entire day, you might as well be comfortable. On top of that, your body will think you later. From chairs to keyboards, there are many ways to get ergonomic office equipment. I would stick to the most important ones. This would be your keyboard, mouse, and chair.

4. Exercise

A little bit of exercise throughout the day is excellent. It can be as simple as pacing around for a few minutes, dancing to some music, or standing up. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you stick to how long you want it to be. For instance, you might decide to dedicate your whole break to get some exercise, but someone else will only want to spend 5 minutes doing that.

Final Thoughts

Everyone has certain things they do and have that makes working from home easier. It takes time to find out what works.


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