3 Lessons I’ve Learned Since Working Full Time

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At least for me, working part-time in college is so different than working full time. I thought it would be a work in the park, but it has definitely been one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced. Even so, I think I made the right decision. Here’s are 3 lessons I’ve learned since working full time.

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Time to Leave Procrastinating Behind

I’m not going to lie – I love to procrastinate. Reddit and YouTube are my best friends. When I wasn’t working full time, I didn’t have a problem. There was always enough time and energy to get things done because a huge part of my week was still open. Now, finding a balance has become my major concern.

My peak productivity time is late at night, which is terrible when you have to get up early. To make up for it, I spend too much of my free time doing my leisure activities instead of making my own success. To thrive, I have to find a way to beat the part of me that just wants to procrastinate. Every weekday I struggle, but I’m making headway.

The Grind is Real

We’ve seen it in movies – the protagonist goes to work day in and out – until finally, something snaps. He/She is tired of the constant grind. It’s easy for each day to feel exactly the same and feel stuck. I think this is why it’s important to work on your own projects outside of work and develop deeper relationships with the people around you.

Whether that means getting in contact with old friends or taking up a new hobby, there is always something to do to make life seem less like a grind. I’m also considering writing what I’m grateful for each day.

Put Time into Your Relationships

It was easy for me to make time for people in my life. I only went to school, work, and my house. All my friends were close to school, so we would always find something fun to do. Now that I’m finishing up the last of my degree online and work full-time, I have lost friends along the way. The worse part is meeting up every once in a while would have kept the relationship going.

I’m finally carving out time to say yes to putting in my time and effort to grow new friendships and keep old ones. By keeping a planner, I’m able to stay organized.

Final Thoughts

The working world has its pros and cons, but I wouldn’t trade working full-time. I have learned so much, and I’m just getting started.

3 Lessons I've Learned Since Working Full Time


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