How to Really be Successful

4 step method to become more successful*This post may have affiliate links*

“Top 5 traits you need to be successful”
“What every successful person has done”
“The one secret to becoming the most successful unicorn ever”

We come across headlines like the one above often. Ok, maybe not the last one, but I have seen some titles that have come pretty close to that. They promise to provide us the tricks and tips we need to become successful.

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Why This Semester Will Be the Best

Semester goals | College tips | Why this semester will be the best | the best semester

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“This is my semester. You can come at me with your worst, and I will be perfectly fine. For I will conquer all that is in my way!”

That’s what I say to myself every semester. Somehow I believe that I will defeat procrastination, road rage, and all the ambitious goals I have by the end of the semester. The worst part is I rarely ever try a different methods or techniques. Instead, I say that I’ll become “a planner person” or “this is going to work because “reasons.”

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