Productivity Tips that Actually Work

The summer of 2016, I was taking two online classes and working 18 hours. “This Summer is a little busy, but I’m keeping up.” I thought to myself. Now, I’m laughing at that. I was so much busier last Summer even though I wasn’t taking any classes. Instead, I was working on my blog, getting […]

3 Quick Tips for Getting Out of Perfectionist Mode

Last summer, I imaged spending a ton of time on this website, one of my clubs, and learning some new skills. Instead, it’s been more of a catch-up game filled with deadlines. I decided to take a CLEP Exam right in the beginning of summer and had to deal with a couple of club meetings […]

5 Things No One Tells You About Testing Your Limits

5 things no one tells you about testing your limits and improving yourself

*This post may contain affiliate links* 1. Your limit may change every semester I know. Everyone says your limit will change, but it’s normally implied that your limit will stabilize and that it will expand. When your limit changes the next semester, that doesn’t mean it got better. The type of activities we’re juggling throughout […]

4 Irresistible Benefits of Joining a Club

Joining a club in college | Clubs in college | Why you should join a club in college

*This post may have affiliate links* At the beginning of 2016, driving to class felt harder and harder each day. I didn’t know why I was feeling stressed every time I thought of heading back to school after dropping my siblings back home. But, it didn’t matter what I thought because the stress wasn’t going […]

Top Way to Make This Semester Better Than the Last

How to make this semester better than the last

*This post may have affiliate links* It’s often said that starting is the hardest. I wish that were true! The hardest part has to be consistency. It’s sort of like that fitness resolution that people set as a New Year’s Resolution. You have all this energy and motivation when you first start. Slowly, the motivation […]