How College Students Can Save $600 and 40 hours

Want to save a lot of time and money? You need to take a CLEP! Ok, you might be thinking what the CLEP is. The CLEP means College-Level Examination Program, and it’s managed by CollegeBoard. You can take a CLEP exam instead of taking the class. For instance, I didn’t want to take Marketing 301, so […]

Why and How I Got My First Credit Card

On my 18th birthday, I applied for a Bank of America cashback card for college students, and I was accepted. Some people might be cringing at the idea of an 18-year-old with a credit card. Maybe, they’re thinking about how they themselves or had others fall victim to piles of credit card debt. Even so, […]

How I Got Over My Fear of Buying from Gift Card Exchange Sites

Saving money tip | Buying discounted gift cards | Tips for buying discounted gift cards

*This post may have affiliate links* I first heard of gift card buying websites over a year ago. The benefit of buying gift cards from a gift card buying/selling site is that the gift card sells for less than its value. Example: Gift card worth $100 may sell for only $90, so you get an […]