How I Got a Paid Internship

In 12th grade, one of my older sisters was able to get me a job as an office clerk for $10 an hour. The first day I got there, I got a donut since someone bought donuts for everyone in the office. The work was easy. I just had to organize files and take care of random tasks that popped up. Everyone in the office was nice to me, and my hours were flexible.

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How to Grow as a Commuter Student

How to grow as a commuter student

As I have mentioned previously, I’m a commuter student. Although there are many advantages that come with being a commuter student, it also forced me to confront my idea of what I thought my college experience would be like. One of my biggest worries I’ve constantly thought about was how I was going to be independent if I’m just living at home. Now, I realize that if you want to grow, you don’t need to leave home, you just need to be ready to step out of your comfort zone and keep going!

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